NaBloPoMo 16: Dug My Way Out

I have to apologise for to my faithful readers (all thirteen of you according the analytics – which I am told are little Ana’s that run around in the cables of the internet tracking all sorts of information. Analytics is after all short for ANA’s LYTtle Information Computing Services no?) as I have not kept up with NaBloPoMo.

To tell the truth I was buried under a pile of procrastinating paper work. I really only have myself to blame. I know paperwork well and I should know better. It’s always the same excuses, and yet every time I give paperwork a task I want to start off on the right foot and give him a blank sheet.

I don’t know why I expected something different this time. Maybe it was because he folded so quickly to my request without so much as a cited objection. Maybe it was because I wanted to paper over the cracks in our relationship and start anew.

By a few days in when I came to check in on him, he had nothing to write home about. I thought of writing him up, but instead wrote if off as a getting the creative juices flowing. I wasn’t going to close the book on him just yet.

A few days after that paperwork was back in my good books, and had managed to pull something of a small rabbit out of his hat and it was looking good. I was hope full that all would be in place on time. Alas, he was talking out of his hat that day and by the time I realized his project had nothing to ink in it was too late.

I gave him his walking papers and the situation escalated rather quickly and he accused me of cooking the books and sabotaging the whole thing. Things got heated and it came to blows. For those who know me I am not terribly athletic and paperwork got the upper hand very quickly and had me pinned. I managed to punch a few holes in him, but he wouldn’t let me up. It took some doing, but with a sharp quill to the ribs I got the upper hand and pulled myself out from underneath of paperwork. He left, a little creased, but not worse for the wear. I was torn over it all, but I am sure once the ink dries we’ll look back at this all and laugh. Until then, I guess I have to do my own essay.


One thought on “NaBloPoMo 16: Dug My Way Out

  1. Maybe you should teach him to swing dance. Then you would be able to do something enjoyable together and that might put him in a better mood. On the other hand, he might just end up stepping on your toes…

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