The Next Step in Joggling

I went skating with my family on the Forks River Trail on the Red River the other day. It was great fun to get out of the house after the long cold week we had had. It took me awhile to get used to the skates again, but once I got going I was hit with an odd question: could I skate and juggle without falling flat on my face?

I was talked into joggling, the art of jogging and juggling, by a co-worker last year and have been enjoying the sport ever since. I figured it couldn’t be that hard to bring it over to skating. So I took of my gloves, folded them into little balls, took out my little change purse and gave it a try.

The results were better than expected and I didn’t fall on my face! Although, I did drop my juggling “balls” a few times. My antics were quite enjoyable and brought a few smiles and many curious stares from the other skaters. I’ll definitely have to go out and try it again before spring. The only question now is what to call it? Skoggling? Skaggling?