Happy Little Crater on Mercury | SpaceRef – Your Space Reference

The MESSENGER spacecraft in orbit around Mercury has been taking higher resolution pictures of certain locations of the planet that are of scientific interest. It turns out one of the locations actually smiled for the camera.

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Happy Little Crater on Mercury | SpaceRef – Your Space Reference


A Look Back in Time

As we peer up into the night sky looking at the stars we are also looking back into time. The light that is reaching our eyes can be as little as four year old, coming from Alpha Centauri four light years away from us. Or, as much as two and a half billion years old as we look up at M31, the Andromeda Galaxy, the most distant object in our night sky that can be seen with the naked eye.

Film, like starlight, can allow us to look back in time. I recently stumbled on Universe, a short documentary done by the National Film Board of Canada. Made before humans landed on the Moon, it is a beautiful look at our solar system and the universe. The models and artwork used are fantastic and are a testament the awe-inspiring nature that the night sky and all of space has on our imaginations.

Dated as it may be, it is still a great documentary that can inspire us to ask questions and give us the desire to seek out the answers.

I hope you enjoy this little documentary as much as I have.