The Perseid Meteor Shower and the Occult

Many of you are already aware of the height of the perseid meteor shower tomorrow (August 12), so I won’t spend any more time on the subject other than to tell you go out and enjoy the show.

However, if you’re up for a daytime viewing challenge, you can check out the daytime occultation of Venus. This has nothing to do with vampires sparkling in sunlight I’m afraid, but it does involve the Moon as it passes in front of Venus from our point of view.

From Winnipeg look to the west and try to locate the slim sliver of the crescent Moon. It will not be easy during the day, but will be a fun challenge. You may even have more luck locating Venus that will be sitting east of the Moon.

At 15:25 CDT the Venus will start its ingress behind the Moon. It will reappear at 16:17 CDT on the west side of the Moon.

This event will be an exercise in patience (first to find the Moon and Venus, second in waiting the 45 minutes between Venus’s disappearance and reappearance), but will be a fun one to tick off your viewing list and things to talk about with your friends.

Venus east of the Moon before ingress.

Venus after egress.