They Came From Outer Space

When a co-worker and I went out to catch the conjunction between the Moon, Venus and Jupiter on Saturday the 15th, we were unfortunately greeted with a lot of smoke blowing in from the west. We did get a couple pictures of the moon, but the two planets never showed at the same time through the smoke and clouds. We were however visited by Winnipeg’s very own police helicopter … or was it perhaps something a little more out of this world? I’ll let you decide.

Thank fully I did catch the two planets and the Moon on the 14th when I was testing out my camera and trying to figure out its settings.

Enjoy the photos.

An unexpected visitor while star waiting for the smoke to part to reveal the July 15 Venus, Moon, Jupiter conjunction.

Jupiter and the Moon is mostly what we saw. The clouds Never parted to reveal Venus.

The three bodies getting close to their alignment on July 14.

As I was leaving the shoot on the 14th, I happened to look back and catch the three celestial objects peaking out from the tree.

I re-positioned myself and got this last shot before going back home and to bed.