Transit of Venus Photos

I managed to catch the transit of Venus while in Ottawa for my girlfriend’s graduation. We set up outside the Museum of Nature and we saw a good half hour of the transit. Unfortunately I didn’t get that many good photographs, but here are a few of them.

Venus at the start of ingress.

Getting closer.

Venus just after ingress.

About 30 min into the transit.

I also tried my hand at timing the transit, which was a fun challenge. Here are the times I got compared to the predicted times.

My Times (EDT)

Predicted Times for Ottawa (EDT)

Contact I



Contact II



I have to confess I was looking in the wrong corner of the sun through my telescope to properly catch the start of ingress and was fooled by the infamous black drop effect for a proper timing of the end of ingress, but it was still fun to time the ingress. Although I think you need to have times for the whole transit (not just ingress), I hope this might be enough to use parallax to calculate the distance to Venus providing my friends in Winnipeg managed to write down their times as well. It would be kind of exciting to follow in mathematical footsteps of previous transit watchers and try and figure out the size of our solar system.