Made it to Page Four

I recently gave into curiosity and subscribed to a stat counter for my website to see how many people were stopping by and where from. Without much surprise most of the people were from Canada and a few hits from Europe. The traffic was clearly linked to the posts I make on Facebook, the only place I tend to link to my own website.

I had some deep hidden hope that maybe someone had found via a search engine, but alas no such luck. That was until the second day when I checked the stats again. Someone in Indonesia had done a Google image search for “cloud CROP” and was directed to one of my pictures of the suppermoon I took a few weeks back.

Curious to see how many pages of photos the poor soul had to wade through before stumbling onto mine, I recreated his/her search. To my surprise I found my photo staring back at me on page four of Google images!

My suppermoon on page 4 of a Google image search for "moon crop".

Ever curious, I then did a Google search for “Mogk”. I was still expecting my webpage to be lost somewhere beyond page twenty, well past the Mogks of page one; which include such greats as Cory Mogk of the Green Party, or Matt Mogk of The Zombie Research Society. To my utter shock the WebCrawlers at Google had moved me up to page four!

Look Ma'! I made it to page 4 of Google.

It’s no page one and I still can’t find myself when I search “scriptwriter (for hire)”, “cool blogs with stuff about astronomy and other random things”, or “great Canadians of history”, but I figure these things take time. I’ll check back again in a week so or so and see where I stand.