Photos of the Partial Eclipse

Here are some photos of today’s partial eclipse taken from Assiniboine Park in Winnipeg with my 80mm Orion Table Top GoScope refractor and solar filter on an Alt-Az mount. I used my 20mm eyepiece for the most part.

I have to say astrophotography is a challenging and fun pass time and I can only hope I get better as I learn more about it. In the mean time I hope you enjoy the few photos I took, I think they turned out all right for a first go around with photographing the sun.

Getting set up just before the eclipse gets underway.

The beginning of the eclipse with 10mm eyepiece.

The start of the eclipse through my 20mm eyepiece.

Approaching mid-eclipse, or mid-eclipse as I forgot to note down which photos were mid-eclipse. Oops!

Post mid-eclipse with two sunspots.

Three sunspots!

The Sun making its way towards the horizon as we pack up to leave. Too much cloud cover to get any more pictures with my simple setup.


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