Solar Party

Come see the heavens in motion! The Winnipeg Centre of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada is hosting a public observing session at Assiniboine Park near the baseball diamond. They will have a few telescopes with proper solar filters on hand to safely view the annual eclipse.

Don’t forget that you can buy solar viewing glasses at The Manitoba Museum Shop, 190 Rupert Ave., for only $2.

Event Timeline – Sunday, May 20, 2012

7:00 pm Observing session at Assiniboine Park begins
7:13 pm Eclipse begins
8:14 pm Maximum eclipse – sun is 60% eclipsed as seen from Winnipeg (slightly more from further south or west; slightly less from further north or east)
9:11 pm Eclipse ends
9:14 pm Sun sets

SAFETY WARNING: You should never look at the Sun with unprotected eyes! The ONLY safe way to observe the sun directly is by using a special solar filter. Sunglasses, CDs, solar blankets, and other materials are NOT safe, because they do not filter out the invisible radiation from the sun. Solar filters which are SAFE to use: #14 welder’s glass (no other number is safe), and eclipse glasses made especially for solar viewing.