Bake It Like Grandma

Crosby’s Fancy Molasses ad campaign has been getting a lot of attention lately so I meandered over to their website and take a look for myself.

What I found was a lovely tongue-in-cheek cooking video where Grandma Fancy teaches you the secret to her famous molasses cookies. As she walks us through her recipe, she doesn’t hold back on a few well-placed innuendos, proving yet again that sex can sell.

What I find refreshing about this video and the accompanying print ads, with slogans like “Grandma was never shy about experimenting with her brownie,” is that they have done away with the hyper sexualized, scantily clad concept of sex used to sell products and replaced it with something a little more subtle and good humoured. The whole effect reminded me of the time that I was sipping tea with my own Grandmother and out of the blue she tells me, in her thick Polish accent, “Remember, Kevin, sex is important too.”

What my Grandmother was getting at, and I think these ads do as well, was that sex is part of the whole of any relationship and is just as important as good friends, good times and good baking. Crosby has tapped into a more holistic approach to selling a product with sex and, to be honest, the next time I need to win some brownie points I may just reach for some of Grandma’s Fancy Molasses and bake some cookies.

One of Crosby's print ads for Fancy Molasses