Picture Perfect Day Without a Camera

The weather has been uncharacteristically warm the last couple days here in Winnipeg and, after a morning of catching up on some paperwork, I hit the park with one of my good friends. The fall colours in the trees and the chattering of the geese that had taken up residence on the soccer field made a lovely backdrop to our game of Frisbee.

We were not alone in taking advantage of this unseasonal weather. Groups of people were out walking, others out with their dogs, old friends caught up by the pond while happily feeding the geese and ducks. The whole image was so just so beautiful that I felt I had to share it with everyone. Unfortunately I tend not to travel with my camera and the camera that cell phone totes would be likened to blurry selection of coloured pixels – great for a more modern piece of art, but hardly adequate at catching the moment. I will have to make a better effort at keeping it close at hand.

Instead I that you too got out of doors today regardless of the weather where you are. The fall colours are just so wonderful to witness in any weather.

Before I go today, I’d like to remind my fellow Manitobans to heat our and vote tomorrow in our provincial election.